We have the toughest fish sustainability regulations when compared to anywhere else in the world
At Great Barrier Reef Tuna, we fully endorse these stringent regulations and proudly meet and even exceed these requirements, so we can all enjoy our world-famous North Queensland caught seafood

At Great Barrier Reef Tuna, we are fully approved and managed by the (AFMA) Australian Fish Management Authority who are the only approved and regulating authority for seafood management.

Our Long Line Fishing practices are carefully monitored ensuring sustainability is maintained.

Our three state of the art Tuna long boats and our commercial reef fishing boat have video monitoring to record the on-board fishing activity. These video files are submitted to the AFMA monthly ensuring that our best practices truly do promote the quotas set and their respective sustainability.

Further to our commitment to long term sustainability with AFMA, we are also (AQIS) Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service AQIS Approved Export Facility.

The objective of AQIS's management of seafood import and export certification addresses the systems, procedures, processes and resources used to register premises and license exporters, monitor compliance with arrangements and manage non-compliance.
AQIS’ focus is on the regulatory activities assuring that Australian seafoods meet food safety and quarantine requirements.

Great Barrier Reef Tuna meet and exceed all these regulatory requirements
To ensure our seafood operations promote sustainability we also are recognised by Australia’s very own Tuna Australia

This progressive operation was formed to represent the statutory fishing rights of owners, holders, fish processors and sellers, and associate members of the tuna fishing industry in Australia. The goal of Tuna Australia is to plan, invest and manage to improve representation of the fishery.

Value adding even more to this impressive list of retail seafoods we will accept wholesale orders either within the tropical north or interstate to any capital city location.

The objectives are, but not limited to:
  • To ensure ecological sustainable development of the industry
  • To improve resource access and property rights
  • To extend and market industry practices to stakeholders and seafood consumers
  • To enhance market opportunity
  • To improve safety and workforce development
  • Advance, promote and represent the industry’s views

Thanks to these governing bodies all Australians are guaranteed to be able to enjoy our Great Barrier Reef Tunas and associated seafoods for the long term…and isn’t that great news for your family.


Enjoy Sashimi grade, fresh Yellow Fin, Big Eye and Albacore Tunas along with the unique Mahi Mahi, Wahoo Mackerel and even Broad Bill along with the best reef fish caught from our tropical waters south from Townsville and north to Cooktown. At Great Barrier Reef Tuna we have it all!

Great Barrier Reef Tuna carries full accreditation from the Australian Fish Management Authority (AFMA). Strict guidelines enforced by AFMA, monitoring systems, gear used. Quota limiting the total allowable commercial catch. Sustainable fishing ensuring no decline in the species.

Since 1988 we have been providing the freshest Tuna and all associated seafood products to North Queensland’s discerning seafood lovers. Great Barrier Reef Tuna have been, since inception owned, operated and managed by Bob and Annie Lamason with an emphasis on Tuna management and sustainability.

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